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Folding Yoga Mat

12 Minutes of Movement

31 Day Virtual Program

You're structured guide to adding Pilates inspired low impact movement into your day! 

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Practicing Yoga

About the program 

What does this 31 day journey entail? 

The MNDFL 12 Minutes of Movement Program lasts 31- Days! A video a day, the 12 minutes of movement videos will be available for you to do at home, in the office or wherever & whenever you can fit it in! Similar to the 12 minutes of movement you see on my social media and website, I will guide you through approximately 6-8 pilates inspired exercises each day that will last approximately 12 minutes.


Each Video & Day has a different focus:

Day 1: Foundations

Day 2: Core

Day 3: Strength 

Day 4: Length 

Day 5: Mobility 

Day 6: Integration

Day 7: Power 

After day 7 it repeats! 


Integrate more movement into your day

Deepen your mind body connection

Set a new routine

Lengthen and strengthen your muscle groups

Learn new exercises that strengthen stabilizing muscles 

Move in the comfort of your own home, when most convenient for you

Who can join in?

Anyone looking for motivation to set new routines and get moving at home this fall!

All 12 minutes of movement exercises are Pilates inspired and created with the basics of biomechanics in mind! You do not need to come with ANY experience, certain fitness level etc.


Image by Derick McKinney
Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Start Today


$31.00 / participant  ($1.00/ 12 minutes of movement video)


Download the Achieve App (by Wellness Living), login into your MNDFL account, you will see the 12 Minutes of Movement Challenge in your video Tab! Easy! 


Props Needed

Yoga/ Pilates Mat


12" Mini Stability Ball (or similar)

Light Weights or Toning Balls (1-3 pounds)

5-6 ft Medium Tension Exercise Band

Throw Pillow, Bath Towel & Tea Towel

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