Pilates for Dancers

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Pilates for Dancer’s


Dance is an incredible opportunity for children, as it gives them physical strength, a way to express their emotions, and opportunity for growth and experience in performing. While dance classes focus on physical fitness and fortitude as well as flexibility and technique, it’s important to exercise daily and pursue other forms of physical conditioning to increase strength and reduce the possibility of injury. Enrolling your young dancer in Pilates is an excellent way to boost his or her energy and vitality for dance. 

Benefit of Pilates for Dancers

Aspiring young dancers to protect themselves from injury due to muscle weakness or limited range of motion.”

Pilates focuses on fluid, controlled motions, which is an ideal method for dancers, and many of the movements are mirrored in their classes. Those who struggle with hyper mobility and flexibility appreciate this exercise method as well, because the motions and movements are meant to strengthen the muscle groups to increase control and precision so that students won’t injure themselves by over stretching or over-extension. The dancer can apply the control and range of motion to their classes so that mistakes that may have been made previously will be fixed. Pilates also fosters greater flexibility, and as the individual practices the motions and exercises, strength and control will also be increased so that the dancer will be able to decrease the possibility of injury due to muscle weakness or stiffness.