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Level Up Your Dancing with Pilates 


Pilates for Dancers


Dance is an incredible opportunity for children, as it gives them physical strength, a way to express their emotions, and opportunity for growth and experience in performing. While dance classes focus on physical fitness and fortitude as well as flexibility and technique, it’s important to exercise daily and pursue other forms of physical conditioning to increase strength and reduce the possibility of injury. Enrolling your young dancer in Pilates is an excellent way to boost his or her energy and vitality for dance. 

Benefits of Pilates for Dancers

"Aspiring young dancers to protect themselves from injury due to muscle weakness or limited range of motion.”

Pilates focuses on fluid, controlled motions, which is an ideal method for dancers, and many of the movements are mirrored in their classes. Those who struggle with hyper mobility and flexibility appreciate this exercise method as well, because the motions and movements are meant to strengthen the muscle groups to increase control and precision so that students won’t injure themselves by over stretching or over-extension. The dancer can apply the control and range of motion to their classes so that mistakes that may have been made previously will be fixed. Pilates also fosters greater flexibility, and as the individual practices the motions and exercises, strength and control will also be increased so that the dancer will be able to decrease the possibility of injury due to muscle weakness or stiffness.

  • Enables you to move with assistance or against resistance

  • Improves your balance and stability

  • Improves your core strength

  • Increases Flexibility & Mobility 

What does MNDFL Offer? 

-Open Apparatus Dancer Sessions-

(Ages 9-13) (Ages 14-18)

*meant for dancers enrolled in a studio program 

Sessions 45 mins 

Sessions Utilize Mat Work & *Apparatus

*(Reformer, Stability Chair & Tower) Work

Maximum 3 Dancers

These sessions are focused around dance specifics, integrated dance terminology and exercises.


$17.00/ Session/ Dancer

(private sessions available, please inquire separately) 





-Studio Seminars & Studio Pilates/ PBT Instruction-

please inquire directly with MNDFL 



Why MNDFL & Taylor? 

"I am a dancer, a dance teacher & know dancer requirements, competition demands, and industry standards.

I look forward to working to help you level up your dancing, strengthen your body and reach your goals! "


Taylor grew up dancing with Beaumont Society School Of Dance since the age of four, later transferring to Shelley's Dance Company in Edmonton, AB. She has personally trained for over 20 years in RAD ballet (up to Advanced 2 Ballet), jazz, lyrical, novelty, contemporary and hip hop and has been involved in various competitive teams throughout the years.

Taylor has 13 years of direct teaching and choreography experience for multiple studios in Edmonton and Surrounding areas, with her focus in Lyrical & contemporary. She is the owner of MNDFL Movement Studios, and is a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, including injuries and special populations. Taylor also holds her certification in Progressing Ballet Technique, trained by founder Marie Walton-Mahon.

Taylor has excelled in dance over the years and received numerous awards at various dance competitions. She integrated the skills she learnt through dance and competed in the Miss Canada World pageant in 2009, placing in the top three for talent (a contemporary solo choreographed by Shelley Tookey "My Perfect Moment"). She has danced in the Grey Cup halftime show as well as the Edmonton Feats Festival.


Movement is her passion and she loves to share it with all of her students!

Inquire for your Dance Studio

Looking forward to brining Pilates to your dance studio! 

Pilates for Dancers

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