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Our Pilates Sessions

Our movement sessions are based in the 5 basic bio mechanical principles related to body awareness and alignment. These principles are Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Ribcage Placement, Scapula Mobility and Stabilization and Head & Cervical Placement. A combination of Pilates, PBT and barre these sessions have it all. Core, lengthening, strengthening, and level progressions for all movers.   

The Details


Class Length: 50 Minutes

Class Levels: Beginner to Advanced

(regular session we will find the best fit for you!)

Intensity: Will vary based on participants & goals

Group size: Up to 3 movers


Class Length: 40 Minutes

Class Levels: Beginner to Advanced Combined

Intensity: Will vary & options level 1-3 for movements will be presented when appropriate

Group size: Up to 10 movers

Recordings are available for 7-days post session

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