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" Scott, Abbey and I have signed up for a weekly household session with Taylor at MNDFL.  We had our first session last Monday night and "LOVED IT".  Taylor "tailored" the class to 3 very different levels of ability and provided individualized suggestions for each of us.  My husband has not done anything like this before and wasn't sure what he agreed to and enjoyed his first class and is looking forward to the next on this week.  Taylor made him feel comfortable and capable.  It was great to be back on the reformer and working out with my family.  Taylor is extremely knowledgable and just a joy to learn from.  I would highly recommend her individual one one one, Zoom, and/or encouraging your family to book a household session." - Julia


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Super Gramma, Executive Assistant Jewelry Designer 

“They say Pilates is not and exercise regime but it is a journey. I have been practicing Pilates for over 12 years and I still I love the journey! Pilates works my entire body especially the small little muscles I never knew I had. I just love the ease in moving my body for days after. I noticed after my very first class that I could shoulder check while driving so much better. My favourite exercises on the reformer are when we move our legs in the straps, when we do balance work and on the chair I love the reverse pushup. In Pilates you have to engage the mind to move the body and this was very hard for me at first, it is my improved connection to my mind that I am proud of most. I keep coming back to MNDFL movement studio because it is convenient and I love Taylor’s teaching and queuing techniques!” ~ Alli




Outstanding Teacher, Beautiful Nama & Mom

" Pilates is my go to choice of exercise for many reasons. It allows me to safely strengthen my body without fear of injury. Having neuropathy in my hands and feet has required me to exercise to maintain mobility and strength. Pilates has been in my life for 3 years now and I have never felt better...if I could do it everyday I would! One of my favourite exercises is the elephant. I love the elephant because I can engage all of my core muscles at makes me feel incredibly strong and it truly is a total body work out. I love going to MNDFL Movement. The instructions Taylor provides are very clear and I appreciate the corrections she gives to to ensure I am in the proper position and engaging the right muscles. Every class introduces me to new things and I always feel empowered in classes. This is something that is for EVERY BODY at ANY AGE!" ~ Debbie




Movement Lover, Past Dancer, World Traveler 

"My name is Megan. In my spare time I enjoy a mixture of tap, ballet, yoga, barre, running and Pilates. I have my barre and Tabata certification. I am also working towards my yoga teacher training. I love Pilates because it is a fun, low impact class that works all muscles of the body including strengthening of the core and improving mobility. My body has noticed changes since taking classes with Laurel & Taylor. Overall my body feels healthier and more mobile. I have less pain and more strength. I keep coming back to MNDFL because it is a positive atmosphere where I am learning new things every day while still having fun. Pilates has improved my lifestyle. Pilates is helping me towards my goal of running half a marathon this year.!"




Pediatric Physio & Physio for dancers, Mom of 2! 

What do you love about Pilates? “ It’s the only time in my busy days where I’m only thinking about one thing. I have to be really focused in sessions to make sure I’m keeping my alignment and positions..Do you have a fav exercise? “I don’t really have a favourite, I like pretty much all of them but I am terrified of anything where I have to hold a plank on a moving surface, I’ve never been one to like amusement park rides.”.Have you noticed a change in your body? “I love when we try new things but I REALLY love when we do something we haven’t done in a while and I get to realize how much stronger I’ve gotten! I am so much more aware of maintaining my good alignment in everything else that I do now. As a former dancer with a lot of extra mobility in my joints, the easy route is to just power through things, but the safer route for my body (as I get older) is to make sure that I’m controlling my movements through my range of motion. I know if I’ve missed Pilates one week because I have a hard time finding and keeping good alignment. Pilates has been great for all the biofeedback it gives my body when I can do something and when I struggle with something. It’s helped the physio in me see more clearly the things I need to keep working on so I can keep moving for the rest of my life.”.What keeps you coming back? “Pilates for me has been a great support and adjunct to my physiotherapy exercise program to allow my return to running after injury. It’s helped me continue to work on strength when I wasn’t allowed to run and it’s allowed me to push further so I can think about big running goals. I love my Friday morning group! We’re all there to work hard, but we have some fun and laughs too. Taylor is a fantastic leader and coach who always has positive words and encouragement and she doesn’t let me get away with not doing something because I’m scared, she finds a way to support so that I can do the hard things that freak me out.” ~Megan




QC Lawyer - Legal Counsel Court of Queen's Bench

Love Pilates because it makes me stronger and more in touch with my body. Taylor is great at helping me make corrections and using really great cues to identify the correct muscles to use in each exercise

Favourite exercise - airplane - just kidding!!!


I have much greater body awareness and no longer tell myself how uncoordinated I am MNDFL is a great, safe outing, in the midst of COVID that keeps me moving and gets me out of my head -

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